Yoga at the Retreat

We are on a campaign to destroy all things inevitable like Death and Taxes. In this spirit we hold donation based classes where you are not obligated to donate but the teacher will appreciate if you do :) So the yogi trusts in the abiding forces that bring only exactly what is needed from vast abundance. 


 Apex Retreat is eager to hold space and host this process.


  Find us at:  319 S. Elm Street Apex, N.C. 27502


Classes start October 25th!


Our Vision

“Truth is not something outside to be discovered, it is something inside to be realized.”  

― Osho Bhagwam Shree Rajneesh  


We hope to foster a safe environment, rooted in freedom and exploration because play is the first way that we learn. Learning connects students to a source of stability and strength that exists within them already.



Our therapists at the Retreat attempt to equip clients with the necessary tools to combat the demands of this world. Classes at Apex Retreat are geared towards empowering the student and tapping into to one's inherent resources.


The first steps one takes in the process of self discovery are typically awkward and slow, akin to a frightened teenager who is coming into his or her body. So our endeavor is to explore the forces that pull the body apart, unfortunately this is exactly what it takes to spark the fire of healing to put itself back together. 


"Pain will make a man think, though will make him wise, and wisdom... Well doesn't that make life all the more bearable." - Marlon Brando

What is Yoga at the Retreat like?

Classical yoga practice is a tradition rooted in discipline and discovery. Once the student is exposed to the foundations of yoga, they should be encouraged to break from that form and adapt that knowledge to modern times. Our teachers encourage this process of discovery by allowing students to playfully explore their bodies. One need not do exactly as the teacher says in our classes as we encourage the freedom and privilege to experience the body on one's own terms. Our classroom is smaller and therefore more intimate, allowing for a collaborative effort. This closer connection between teacher and student allows for those who might be new to yoga to feel comfortable, not intimidated. From Sanskrit, the word yoga literally translates to connection, union, or binding. This is the opposite feeling of what our psychologists call "alienation." 


Our Yoga teachers encourage Slow and deliberate movements to create a sense of connection to one's true nature, which is explorative and playful. Our teachers are both massage therapists and certified yoga teachers who not only know the body, but work with bodies every day... happily! It has been said that play is the first way we learn. In the same spirit, we attempt to approach changing and growing our physical organism. Change need not always be painful or awkward, we hope to make it fun! Come on over and meet us on the mat.



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About Us

A dedicated and caring team of independent licensed massage and body work therapists who are serving the local community to improve the health, well-being and lifestyle of clients throughout Apex and surrounding areas.

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