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Dean Hebert

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"The body knows what to do, you just need to let it."

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LMBT, Co-Founder of the Apex Retreat®️.

Dean has a versatile portfolio of a hard working man. He discovered his true calling in the wellness field. Dean has been a practicing LMBT for over 6 years and is one of the most sought after Massage Therapists in well known Spas in the Triangle Area.     Dean's specialty and focus is on helping the body function and mobilize better to achieve optimal health.  

He specializes in Myofacial Release, Joint Mobilization, Table Thai Massage, and Deep Tissue work. He believes in teaching his clients how to live a healthier lifestyle overall.


NC LMBT #10820


Jason Atkins

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Co-Founder of the Apex Retreat®️, LMBT, Certified Back Country Survival Instructor, LMBT


J W Atkins is a well-rounded Massage Therapist from Chapel Hill with over 10 yrs of experience. Jason was a behavior science modification specialist/combat field medic.  His military background only strengthens his character. Jason is gifted with a rare ability to put his clients at ease no matter how hectic life is. He believes in teaching his clients how to live a healthier lifestyle overall.


 He works with an eclectic mix of modalities, including Shiatsu, Swedish, Prenatal, and  Deep Tissue. 




NC LMBT #11780


William Stephenson

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In 2010 an introduction to the practice of yoga would provide the spark to ignite a fire of transformation within William.  Thousands of hours of teaching yoga and eventually finding his own bodywork therapist proceeded to fan these flames, leading to self discovery and liberation through explorative movement of the body. Receiving this life changing art form  highlighted an ability that everyone innately has, the ability to grow.


The phenomenon of growth is not something one can perform consciously... we do not talk about our ability to consciously manipulate our bodies in the same way we talk about our ability to grow our bones, muscles, hair and teeth. Growth tends to be something done either sub consciously or super consciously.


Sometimes the happenings of this life process are so awkward and cumbersome that we forget this subconscious force is within us. Luckily, on those days the only thing required of us is a willingness to ask for help. 


As the Taoists say: "A closed hand can receive no help."


In 2015 William had the privilege of attending Body Therapy Institute. This curiosity about the body would persist and eventually lead to studies of Classical Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Qi Gong and the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release. William makes a conscious effort to blend these modalities into a treatment approach that is unique to every client.




Fernanda Santiago

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"Healing Feels Good ®️."

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Co-Founder of the Apex Retreat®️

LMBT, CNMT, Certified Aromatherapist, Educator, Lifestyle Coach,

Thai Massage Teacher.  

Born in the Island of Puerto Rico, Fernanda Santiago has always had a passion for wellness and helping people get healthy. Her great mother was a midwife, herbalist and an expert in using natural healing compounds. This knowledge of herbal medicine and natural healing has been passed down for generations. She has worked in a variety of settings such as Wellness Centers specializing in pain relief, sports medicine and alternative medicine.


She is the co-founder of the Apex Retreat®️ and owner of her own practice where the modo is Healing Feels Good®️ in Apex, NC. Why? Because the path to health is pleasant and will make you feel great all over!


She created a team of Licensed Health Professionals and together they are working toward changing the face of the medical world from sick care to wellness. They offer customized wellness solutions to help people live and feel well.


She says “When it comes to receiving optimal wellness, we have to take charge and be responsible for our own health. However, Sometimes we just don't know where to get started.  I work with a great team of health and wellness professionals and together we work with you to take care of your body from the inside out.”  She teaches wellness and Aromatherapy workshops to the public as well as Massage Therapist and other Health Professionals to empower people to do self-care. She is a Thai Massage Practitioner and trainer for Living Sabai. 🧘


NC LMBT #09509   

Geoff Djomoah

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To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts. ~ Thoreau


Geoffrey comes to us with over 14 years of experience working as a Massage Therapist in NYC and later as an Instructor in Connecticut. His training includes but not limited to; Shiatsu, Thai, Myofascial and Clinical massage applications. His brand of massage is an intuitive integration of modalities to help his clients in achieving optimal health.

His military experience-- adding to his award winning personality-- and an innate ability to connect with people from all walks of life, puts Geoff in high demand in the Massage Profession. Geoff’s target clientele are active individuals who have made a conscious effort to invest in their wellbeing – who are also serious about seeing progressive results.


NC LMBT #16317

Stan Margerum

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Functional Wellness & Therapeutics employs a holistic approach to wellness by implementing a multi-faceted, corrective/ structural based therapy system.

Our goal is to re-align posture, improve balance, strength, flexibility and restore a sense of wellness and bring health & happiness to client's lives.   

We provide the most detailed assessment to ensure all biomechanical aspects are evaluated allowing us to develop the most specific and individualized therapeutic design for our client's.

Every health aspect of each client is taken into consideration; whether it be spinal issues such as scoliosis or disk herniations, cardiovascular health, migraines, TMJ, breathing problems, digestive issues, (Dis)ease or injuries that one may have. 


Our goal is to progress every client to a higher of wellness. We strive to improve our client's level of not only athletic performance, but more importantly everyday activities and to bring forth a new level of "feeling great" not just after a treatment but feel great all the time.


Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, stay at home Mom or just someone who is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, we have the solution for you.

Zara Star Henkel

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Zara’s passion for healing has been her guiding light from the beginning. Her mother was a LMBT and practiced massage while she was still in the womb and then gave Zara the gift of infant massage during her first year. These rhythms and foundations of natural healing lead Zara to attend the Body Therapy Institute in Silk Hope NC where she was trained in myofascial release, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) and many other traditional therapies. Since then, she has trained in Thai Massage and completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher training program. 


Zara blends a variety of modalities into her bodywork style and customizes each session to meet the intentions of the client and help create Natural Balance in the body. She also offers self-care tips including stretching and breath-work, natural remedies, positive affirmations and new ways to look at old habits. Zara feels this “homework” is the key for her clients to incorporate Natural Balance into their daily life. 


Zara shares, “Each body has the wisdom, knowledge and information to heal itself; it just needs a little encouragement. I can help you to create space in your body so that your body’s natural healing process emerges and balances you in the fascial matrix you live in. Through connection to each other and connection to our mind, body and spirit we can all find our Natural Balance.”


License: NC #16612

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