07. May 2020
What does it mean to be resilient? It means coping and bouncing back from setbacks, barriers, or limited resources. Resilience is a measure of how much you want something and how much you are willing, and able, to overcome obstacles to get it. This is who we are at Apex Retreat. We are Resilient.

16. March 2020
As we are sure you are all very well aware, the escalating spread of the Coronavirus globally. In response to all of this, we want you to know that we are taking extra precautions to ensure that all of our clients, staff and students and all the visitors to our location, stay healthy.

14. January 2020
Did you know that only 8% of people actually make their New Years resolutions?! Don’t let the year pass you by putting your wellness last.

28. October 2019
The Arc of becoming a therapist was an awkward and unexpected path for William. His journey to healing modalities began with yoga almost 10 years ago...

03. October 2019
Many of you wonder and some of you ask, what do the therapists at the Apex Retreat do outside of the Retreat? What inspires them, what are their outlets etc. Well wonder no more. Each therapist will be featured with their unique way of unwinding and recharging so they can deliver the best amazing therapeutic experience to their clients. So here's an insight into our team of wonderful, competent, highly in demand, superhero therapists. Share your comments below as each therapist is featured.

18. April 2019
This year we were invited for the third time to the UHCCF Tour de Triangle Ride presented by SAS. We feel very honored to be a part of this amazing cause. Here are a few memorable pictures...

05. March 2019
Many of you have been curious as you’ve seen pictures floating around from our trip to Thailand of these interesting herbal balls. Well, you don’t have to be in suspense anymore! We are so excited to launch our signature Herbal Compress Massage. About Thai Herbal Compress In Thailand, the herbal compress is called luk pra kob, translated as “herbal pressing sphere.” The healing practice of Thai herbal compress therapy dates back nearly 5,000 years to a time when the knowledge of plants...

15. February 2019
I may not be your massage therapist...and that's okay. The list of styles and techniques are endless with a therapist that has a wide array of tools in their “therapeutic tool box”.

09. February 2019
Our adventures in Thailand, not only was it fun and exciting, but an incredible learning experience...

12. January 2019
You know that hand scrub in the bathroom... 😁

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