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Did you know that only 8% of people actually make their New Years resolutions?!

Don’t let the year pass you by putting your wellness last.

Receiving maintenance massage therapy regularly goes hand in hand with your wellness regimen just like drinking water, exercise and getting restful sleep.


Let us help you take care of yourself with this amazing Series Promotion with the following therapist.


Package Promo -  Buy ANY 3 - Massages, get one free!*



Did You Know… You can use your FLEX Spending  or HSA for packages!!!

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My ideal client is someone who considers  Bodywork a necessity and not a luxury; and need  a therapist that is cordial but to the point about what their body truly needs.  My clients are actively working with me to improve the quality of they're lives while alleviating pain, anxiety and stress from they're fast-paced lives.


Specialties Include: An eclectic mix of modalities, including Shiatsu, Deep relaxation/Swedish, Prenatal, and  Deep Tissue. 


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If you are looking to get beaten up, I am not your guy. Trigger point therapy, I'm not your guy. Craniosacral, I'm not your guy. If you are looking to re-educate the body and discover new ways of moving inside it, we will likely do great work together.

Facilitating a different movement pattern is the ethos of my practice. 


Specialties Include: Thai Massage, Joint Mobilization, and Deep Tissue work. 


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Clients who are in need of pain relief tend to gravitate towards my approach. I work quite a bit with people who are in chronic pain, as well as the younger crowd who push their bodies until acute injury will slow them down. I tend to attract a population that is  conscious not just about their own well being but that of the environment as well. These are my people.


Specialties Include: Classical Yoga, Thai Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Qi Gong and the John F. Barnes approach to Myofascial Release.


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*Terms and conditions: Offer ends February 29th, 2020. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Must use within 4 months. Free session is for 1 hour massage, may gift to a friend.


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  • #1

    Karen (Tuesday, 21 January 2020 07:51)

    The obvious question: what are the prices of the different kind of massages you offer?????

  • #2

    Fernanda (Tuesday, 21 January 2020 15:00)

    Hi Karen,
    Our prices are listed here:
    They are the same for Thai Massage or Custom Table Massages. What we do is very much "à la carte", custom to each individual. Let us know if you have any questions. You are welcome to email us at
    Have a wonderful evening! �

    Session Rates:
    Maintenance (1 hr.) $89
    Deluxe (1.5 hr.) $133
    Deluxe+ (2 hour) $178

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