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The Arc of becoming a therapist was an awkward and unexpected path for William. His journey to healing modalities began with yoga almost 10 years ago. Shortly after discovering yoga he began a training program to become a teacher. A few years later, the curiosity of our physical organism still persisted and receiving bodywork became an integral part of living. Upon receiving myofascial release for a few years and feeling how transformative the work could be, he was inspired to share its magic with others. The next logical step was to enroll at the Body Therapy Institute and become a bodyworker. Ironically, while in the midst of teacher training, teaching yoga one day was not the goal and so too at BTI, the intention was just to learn, never to own a business. Yet here we are at the retreat changing people's lives on a daily basis. Becoming immersed in a community of people who are striving for healthier living has been the most pleasant by product of choosing this profession.


1. Why did you become a massage therapist & Yoga Teacher?

William: I used to accept pain and discomfort as a part of daily life, a hard fact one deals with as they shift from the naivity of youth into adulthood. Bodywork got me off of anti anxiety medication and brought me back to a sense of belonging in my own skin. I am inspired to share this work because that feeling of being at home in one's own skin is lost on so many people once they grow up and the people that seem most drawn to my work tend to have a sense of alienation about their physical dimension.


2. What are your "outlets",  or healthy lifestyle habits?

William gravitates towards artistic outlets to defrag and replenish - Visual art as well as instruments like the guitar and the mandolin. He enjoys being alone in nature as well as reading. Cartoons and culinary arts are also a major passion.


3. What advice would you like to share with our readers? Tips? :)

My advice to readers is to pick up a bag of Epsom salt.. today and go take a bath like a kid again for at least 45 minutes.  Obviously I stand for movement, take up Qi gong, Tai Chi, or Yoga because stagnation is a fate worse than death.


William Stephenson



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