Get to Know Our Team: Dean Hebert

Many of you wonder and some of you ask, what do the therapists at the Apex Retreat do outside of the Retreat? What inspires them, what are their outlets etc. Well wonder no more. Each therapist will be featured with their unique way of unwinding and recharging so they can  deliver the best amazing therapeutic experience to their clients. So here's an insight into our team of wonderful, competent, highly in demand, superhero therapists. 


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1. Why did you become a massage therapist?

Dean: I first thought of massage therapy because I was looking for something working with my hands and the public. Having done 30 years working in a pizza shop, those were my biggest assets. Once I went back to school I immediately became fascinated with the work. How the muscles worked together in the body and how I  (as a therapist)  could affect them.My fascination turned into passion and  a LOVE FOR WHAT I DO.


2. What are your "outlets",  or healthy lifestyle habits?

Dean: My ideas on healthy lifestyle are to address the 3 main components: mind, body and spirit. I exercise my mind by doing puzzles daily including crosswords, word searches and trivia. For my body I like to play golf, walk and do yoga.Lastly my soul is attended to via meditation.


3. What advice would you like to share with our readers? Tips? :)

Dean: My tip is always remember life is a roller coaster ride. The ups never stay up and the downs never stay down. So just enjoy the ride! 

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