Reusi Dat Ton- The Real Thai Yoga

In our technologically fast-paced 21st Century lifestyles, it is rare to find content on of the most powerful yet lost or forgotten Ancient healing arts. Very few have taken up the arduous task of discovering and compiling, some of these practices. One such brave soul is David Wells - a well traveled and learned Master and Guru in his own right. The Apex Retreat Team of revolutionary Massage Therapists - in our search for additions to our tool boxes, came across the above mentioned Guru. Upon request, we were able to spirit him from upstate New York to come train us in the ancient art form of Thai Yoga called Reusi Dat Ton.

Apex Retreat is honored to welcome David Wells - Renowned Thai Yoga Instructor from New York to certify our team in Reusi Dat Ton (Thai Yoga). Similar to Indian Yoga poses, Thai Yoga is a series of stretches coupled with breathing exercises that can have profound healing effects on the body. Why all this fuss about Thai Yoga? Well... its because it is a segue into Traditional Thai Massage - which the majority of the Apex Retreat Team practices and / integrate into their sessions. The result is an approach to help our clients learn to manage and reduce pain, stiffness and muscle aches and improve flexibility.

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  • Ease muscle aches and pains
  • Reduce joint pain and stiffness naturally
  • Loosen bunched and stuck connective tissue
  • Allows the body's many systems to work effectively

Words of Wisdom from William Stephenson

"My day began at 4 AM and the curtain is finally drawing at midnight. Since Thursday, I have had the privilege of hosting David Wells both at my home and our work space in the pursuit of a lost art form known as Reusi Dat Ton. This, as far as I can gather, is a culmination of ancient techniques that originate from pre-classical Hatha yoga. As yoga's migration Eastward into the orient continued, these techniques would evolve rather amorphously and lay the foundation for what we now know as Thai massage and Muay Thai boxing.


This day has gone far from according to plan, a blessing underscoring my heartache at present. The most unlikely people in my Rolodex showed up for me, self included. I have heard there is no such thing as a teacher when it comes to yoga.. thus the fascination with gurus and authority. But maybe the old adage is true and the "teacher" is merely a person who reminds you of and connects you to your own inner resources. That being said I definitely learned from David and his many travels throughout Southern Asia. After a few days of exchanging food, ideas, psychedelic space rock, and memories of concerts in days of our youth.. I have come to the conclusion that life begins where fear ends.



To quote Lil John, you can do it all by yo self. I had been practicing yoga out of fear. I had been looking and looking for some almighty truth to run towards, blinded by what I was running from. Parenthood has brought a fearful motive into my being that spurs me to try my best to provide... juxtaposed by my fear of letting this little girl down. How is one supposed to attain liberation through a fearful motive. So it seems the guru is a very clever being who puts you on to the kick of divining a pure motive. Fear can only limit this infinite life. This contraction has been an integral part of my expansion. You are infinite, you are the eternal expanding energy of this cosmos"- Ahambrahmasmi.

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