I May Not Be Your Therapist...and That's Ok

 I may not be your massage therapist...and that's okay.


 Some people still think, especially those who are not that experienced with receiving massage therapy, that a massage therapist is just a massage therapist. But that is simply not true. We are NOT all the same. Just like other health professionals, massage therapists may also have different specialties and skills. In the health professions we have doctors who specialize in cardiovascular health, Pediatrics, Mental Health, and many other specialties. Similar to that, in our field there are massage therapists who specialize in prenatal and infant massage, Sports Therapy, Asian Bodywork, and clinical massage therapy to name a few. Training varies in different regions and also the work environment may affect how a therapist can provide treatments. For example, it's not uncommon for high-end resort spas or franchises to follow protocols. Many can be protocol based vs a focus on client results.


 When working with independent therapists, such as in the Apex Retreat®  we focus more on what's best for the client and adjust the protocols because we are thoughtful, and your therapeutic needs today may have been different from last month's. Life can change drastically, and we are here to support you.


The list of styles and techniques are endless with a therapist that has a wide array of tools in their

“therapeutic tool box”.


 After practicing for 15 years one thing that I have learned along the way is that if you're everyone's therapist, you're no one's therapist. I've learned to be true to myself and my practice and not just take on any client for myself, but to work with those who are a good fit for me and vice-versa. As Co-founder of Apex Retreat®, and having the complete confidence of the team; I can proudly say that each member epitomizes the highest standards of the Massage Therapy profession - and is hand picked over many others. These are therapists that have gone through a long screening process and really love what they do and are masters at their craft. We keep learning and we teach. What's really great about this is that we all work so differently. Sometimes when a client calls to book a massage I have a talk with them over the phone and really try to help them find a therapist that's a good fit for them and vice versa.


 Our therapists are so happy because they get to do what they love and love what they do. They are being true to their work and they are delivering the best they can and are able to work with their clients through their Wellness Journeys. If they see that another therapist in-house might be a better fit to work with this client, they will refer them to that therapist. We develop strong relationships with our clients and always look out for their best interests. We also collaborate with each other sometimes when working with the same client because we can all bring something different to the table. This is where teamwork comes in. It is beautiful!


 Here is our fantastic team of 7 therapist that are here to help you... 



Who are my people? I work with those who prioritize themselves and their self-care. Those who see the value in it and are committed to their wellness. I would say the majority of my clients are those that want to continue living their active lifestyles, yet aches and pains begin to get in the way. They seek Therapeutic Massage as a part of their lifestyle and for overall well-being.  I'm not the person who is going to give you bodywork and just send you on your way without some homework. As an certified Aromatherapist, not only do I use aromatics and other botanicals within the treatments, but I might send you home with a few self care suggestions. Because I truly believe that self-care is not limited to your massage sessions, it is what you do between those visits. 💚


My ideal client is someone who considers  Bodywork a necessity and not a luxury; and need  a therapist that is cordial but to the point about what their body truly needs.  My clients are actively working with me to improve the quality of they're lives while alleviating pain, anxiety and stress from they're fast-paced lives.


My ideal client would be someone that is invested in their health.


The proliferation of technology has spawned a generation of workers who are making money by sacrificing their bodies. Unhealthy postures such as sitting in front of computers for an extended period of time create a slow erosion of the body's natural range of movement. 


If you are looking to get beaten up, I am not your guy. Trigger point therapy, I'm not your guy. Craniosacral, I'm not your guy. If you are looking to re-educate the body and discover new ways of moving inside it, we will likely do great work together.


Facilitating a different movement pattern is the ethos of my practice. 



Clients who are in need of pain relief tend to gravitate towards my approach. I work quite a bit with people who are in chronic pain, as well as the younger crowd who push their bodies until 

acute injury will slow them down. I tend to attract a population that is  conscious not just about their own well being but that of the environment as well. These are my people.


I try to treat clients like I would a heated argument, no one wins when you try to yell louder than the other person. Most therapists work that way by efforting and force.  I get my best results when I do the opposite. Look elsewhere if you want to get abused :) I try to facilitate a support system that is not so invasive and collaborate with the information client's bodies give me.



My ideal clients are individuals who dedicate their time and energy towards self care and wellness; those who are looking to start improving their quality of living. Sometimes you just need some help to get started or get back on track. Through bodywork and yoga we bring that disconnected space between the mind and body back to balance. Putting effort towards positive lifestyle choices and healthy changes, staying regular and with bodywork and stretching and working on “homework” between sessions are what make my clients unique, and create the group of people that benefit the most from my practice.

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